Netflix Is Finally Available on Android (Sort Of)

We’ve been waiting for Netflix to come to Android for a very long time. And it’s finally here! Well, kind of.

At the moment, you can only use Netflix on Android if you have a Samsung Nexus S, Evo 4G, Droid Incredible, T-Mobile G2 or Nexus One. Remember, the LG Revolution was supposed to be the first phone with Netflix, but obviously, something changed because it’s available in the Market right now.

full story and photos after the jump…

Interestingly, there’s no Motorola phones on the list of ‘supported devices’ and a bunch of other seemingly capable Android phones get no love either. Honeycomb tablets are being ignored too. Netflix, to their credit, says:

The Market download will initially be available only on select phones that currently have the requisite playback support. We expect to quickly add to the number of phones that can download from Android Market as we work with ecosystem partners to expand playback support.

The tale of Netflix trying to get onto Android is long and winding, with twists and turns that depressed the hell out of Android users. At first Netflix complained about not being able to create a secure DRM system across all Android phones, then things looked promising when it was reported that certain phones with Qualcomm Chips could get Netflix but in the mean time we even had to find a workaround to play Netflix! But that’s all water under the bridge now (for those with the lucky phones, at least).

As for how it works? It’s Netflix. You can start your perfect 24 hour of Netflix streaming now. As for the rest of you with different Android devices, um, sorry? Check out some pictures of Netflix on Android here:


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