Fiber optic lighting for bath

Fiber optic system for fiber optics is one of the most efficient, durable, and safest. It is entirely up to each owner to select the accessories for its installation and complete the installation. Our suggestions will help you understand the process. Content:

  • Properties of fiber optics
  • Fiber optic system components
  • Sidelight system
  • End Glow System

The layout of lighting in a sauna with fiber optics has recently become more popular. Such fiber optic lamps for baths are much more practical, safer, and more efficient than traditional light sources. They are ideal for installation in steam baths, laundries, and laundries.

Features fiber optic lighting in the bathroom

Due to their high performance and technical properties, these lamps are often installed in steam rooms. Among the main advantages of these structures are:

  • Heat resistance … Fiber optic is capable of operating at up to +200 degrees. Therefore, it can even be mounted on the ceiling of a steam room, where the highest temperature is usually maintained.
  • Moisture resistance … The fiber optic system is used to illuminate the pool due to resistance to high humidity.
  • Soft light … Such a lamp does not require the installation of additional lamp screens. The light is diffused and does not harm the eyes.
  • Comfort … The lighting system can be applied directly to the skin. There is no need to allocate space specifically for it.
  • Safety … A fiber optic cable conducts only radiation (not current) and therefore its installation in the sauna is completely safe. Due to the uniqueness of the fiber attachment, you cannot burn yourself.
  • Durability … This backlight needs to be replaced much less often than its counterpart.
  • Easy to install … Projectors, lenses and fibers can be installed manually, even without special technical skills.
  • Plenty of design solutions … Using a tourniquet, you can create a video of the starry sky, the northern lights, the fire, the waves, and the storm. The set contains attachments in various colors that can change the slope of the lighting to hide original style ideas. In addition, the tourniquet is flexible, allowing you to give it the desired shape.
  • Profitability … Fiber optics use significantly less power than another lighting.

Disadvantages of such lamps include relatively high cost.

Elements of fiber optic system for bath

You can create perfect, dramatic, and pleasing fiber optic bathroom lighting by adding the fibers with special crystals and lenses. The combination of visual bundles with other types of lighting, for example, LEDs, will look original. In the sauna, basic elements such as shelves and benches are trimmed with fiber optics.

You can buy fiber optic for the bath in a set, or you can choose the components of the system separately:

  • Projector … The amount of light depends on its power. The device uses a 12 V halogen lamp. Each of them consumes 50 V and has a high luminous output.
  • Fiber … The amount of light also depends on their diameter. With the right choice, you can create directional, general, or accent lighting in the bathroom. For installation in a sauna, you should choose models in a glass rather than a plastic shell. They work better at high temperatures and withstand easier changes. When choosing, keep in mind that there are belts for side and end lights. The first type can be intertwined and create a light pattern. Another is put on the dot, for example, to imitate the starry sky.
  • Finished products … These are lenses, lamps, and crystals that are attached to the edges of the fiber optics. It is from those who direct the light, its brightness depends. It is customary for the end of the fiber to scatter light at an angle of 40-60 degrees. If you attach a lens cap, the angle of refraction can reach 20-25 degrees. When using decorative crystal fasteners, the light is directed at a 180-degree angle or more.
  • Accessories … Color wheels allow you to create an original imitation of shine and glitter in the room.

When buying fiber optics for saunas and baths, make sure that the projector is not cooled by noisy fans and that the product itself is equipped with a heart sore. In the case of fiber optics, they must have a common input seal and all ends and connections are made without glue. Only select certified products from trusted suppliers. It is safe, high quality, and durable.

Fiber optic side lighting system in the bathroom

The principle of such a lighting system is very simple: the projector is installed outside the sauna, and fiber beams send light, purified from infrared and ultraviolet radiation. You can perform the installation yourself because there is no need to draw an electrical graph.

To do this, we do it in the following order:

  • We attach a projector to the locker room. Choose a spot against the wall next to the steam room. It should be located at a safe distance from the heat source if it is located in the same room.
  • We install color discs on a projector if desired.
  • In the sauna, we mark the installation location of the fiber optics, according to a previously prepared diagram.
  • We fasten fiber optic components with parts. Please note that the fiber contains a flexible fiber with a high refractive index. If it is necessary to cut it off, we do this method only with a hot knife, but then grind the cut carefully so that it turns out to be mirrored.
  • If desired, we can equip the system with small lens connections. You can control this effect manually or automatically. In the latter case, we also install the switch.

Note! Installation focal length should be 85% or more. Also note that each fiber optic has its own allowable bending speed, depending on the diameter of the product. This must be borne in mind when making an installation image. To distribute the luminous flux evenly, bundles of different cables can be mixed.

Fiber optic End Glow System for bath

Before you start working, you need to draw a diagram of the location of point elements in the room. It is better to install such lighting for interiors.

We work in this order:

  • We measure the distance from the projector to each point of the light and cut the bundles of the corresponding length.
  • We lay the fibers and temporarily fasten them with a ribbon.
  • At the departure points, we place the dummies so that they protrude 2-3 cm outwards. We attach bundles to them with wire or clamps. This is necessary to follow the image and fix the position vertically.
  • We peel off the surface, removing unnecessary dents and tape in the meantime.
  • Cut the fibers down to the skin and grind them with finely sanded sandpaper.
  • We cut and grind back ends, put them together in a connector, and connect them to a projector.

Be sure to follow the bend of the fiber optics during the process. After installation, you can also equip the system with lenses or crystals.

In the same way, fiber optics can be attached to the laundry room. If it has a swimming pool, this type of lighting will look very impressive at the bottom. In the break room, fiber optics can be combined with other lighting equipment. Fiber optics can be used in this room to illuminate individual elements, such as a mirror or ceiling. With their help, you can create a favorable atmosphere for relaxation.

Fiber optic lighting for bath
Fiber optic lighting for bath


It is not difficult to install a fiber optic cable for a bath in steam bath with your own hands. The main thing is to follow the instructions and choose the components correctly.

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