Fly: How to remove fly in the face?

Fly; how to remove? Youth gives happy moments, but it is short-lived, and sooner or later, you have to start taking care of your skin with special attention. The most common problem is flight, which toilet operations can remove. Flights are the “dog cheeks” that hang down the sides in ugly folds. There is a category of women with almost invisible tabs. For some, they have a distinctive character, and mast takes urgent measures to eliminate them. You can use various methods, from the salon to a unique set of exercises.

The reasons for the appearance of a fly

The appearance of flaps on the face occurs for several reasons:

  • Obesity. The problem of excess weight is the most important and common reason for the appearance of such a cosmetic defect. Fat deposits appear not only on the waist and hips but also on the cheeks.
  • Age. Over time, the production of valuable elastin fibers and collagen in the skin decreases. As a result, the skin framework weakens. Subcutaneous fat is held back by individual cell walls, which perform their duties less and less over time, and the cheeks gradually begin to sag.

Grooming procedures for shelter removal

Cosmetologists must conduct special studies on the condition of the epidermis and the general condition of the body, after which they will choose methods to remove ugly spots. Today there is a wide range of practical and completely safe cosmetic treatments.

Thermal flow

During this procedure, special thermal effects affect the skin, which significantly increases all skin metabolic processes, improves microcirculation, and accelerates the death of “old” cells. After thermal therapy, general tissue regeneration takes place.

Lymphatic massage

This massage is done manually, strictly along the lymph drainage vessels. The procedure is pleasant and painless. There is an acceleration of lymph flow, and all decay products and toxins are removed from the cells, ensuring the supply of oxygen and valuable nutrients. Suction dry massage helps to get rid of excess fat, eliminate inflammation and remove excess fluid. It is the most effective and fastest method of tab removal.

Biological reinforcement

A hyaluronic acid-based stimulant is injected into the skin during this treatment procedure. It leads to the formation of spider webs, which consist of biofilaments in the skin. Biological strengthening has a strengthening effect on the skin frame, all sagging folds on the cheeks are eliminated, and the collapse of the face is corrected and gently corrected. After one month, the biofilaments are reactivated independently, but the effect obtained remains for a whole year.

Injectable cosmetology

During this procedure, special Aqualix preparation is used, which helps to gradually but effectively reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat in the cheek area. During the injection treatment, there are no traumatic effects on the skin and muscles.

When choosing toilet methods to remove the fly, you should pay special attention to the choice of doctor and beauty salon. Without a doubt, it is better to use methods at home.

remove fly in the face
remove fly in the face

Automatically removes wings

Unlike cosmetic treatments, home remedies for flap removal are not as effective. But they are safer and do not cause an unpleasant, painful sensation. Regularly performing simple procedures will help to achieve the desired results.


  • Move the index fingers into the jaw groove below- the left hand’s index finger should be in front of the right. Press your fingers firmly against the chin and begin to make soft, short “sawing” movements. Should do massage at a reasonably high speed.
  • Tighten a towel with warm water and pat your lower jaw. It would help if you worked the chin from all sides.
  • Take a small amount of massage oil and rub it into your palms. Using a light sliding motion, move your fingers from the center of the chin towards the earlobes. In this message, you need to raise the chin and fly cheeks alternately.
  • Pat your chin and cheeks (from top to bottom) for a few minutes.

Wing mask

  • Dairy products – take sour cream (3 tablespoons) and dilute with warm milk (1 tablespoon). Apply the mixture to problem areas and rinse off after 10 minutes.
  • Lemon – Take finely chopped lemon peel (2 tablespoons), and mix with honey (1 tablespoon). Apply the mixture to your cheeks and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • Protein – separate the whites from the yolks (2 pcs.) and apply a pure form to the problem area and remove after 15 minutes.
  • Egg – take an egg and mix it with cottage cheese (1 tbsp), and add olive oil (1 tsp). Apply the prepared mass on the cheeks and wash off after 10 minutes.

Suppose such cosmetics are done for several months, at least 2 times a week. A positive result will be noticeable in that case – the skin’s elasticity returns, and the flies disappear entirely.

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