Thin thickened nail polish

Thin thickened nail polish; how to restore it? Many women faced a situation where the consistency of the nail polish became thick. This article describes how to thin and thicken nail polish.

Various lacquer thinners are commercially available, including:

  • Thinner – a product that restores the maximum consistency of the varnish without damaging its structure. For one application, you need 1-3 drops of liquid, depending on the density of the dye. Volume – 10 ml, price – 815 rubles.
  • Belita Pro Manicure – thinner for all types of varnish, does not contain acetone, oil, or water. Suitable for commercial use. Volume – 80 ml, cost – 145 rubles.
  • Severina – a versatile material for thinning thicker consistency, does not affect the color and gloss of the pigment. Volume – 30 ml, cost – 47 rubles.

How to restore gel polish

If the life of ordinary varnish is recorded for several months, then the gel varnish can serve its owner for two years. Sometimes the product changes its consistency in advance, which means it did not follow the storage rules during use.

Gel skin can start to thicken for the following reasons:

  • The product was often kept warm or in direct sunlight.
  • Residues of varnish have frozen on the neck of the bottle.
  • Did not constantly screw on the lid of the gel polish well
  • The agent was often kept near an ultraviolet lamp in use.

To prevent this from happening, it is advised to take the rules for using gel polish seriously and remove the product residue from the neck immediately.

If the product still thickens, you can save it in two ways:

  • Add a few drops of regular alcohol or a solution containing this component to the gel polish. As a result, the consistency of the product becomes liquid, and the skin comes out even and shiny. Although this method is valid, the coating can quickly chip the nail plates after its implementation in reality.
  • Use a special solvent for gel polish to change the consistency of thick and dry polishes. Such products usually do not contain acetone in their composition. They do not modify the structure and shade of the varnish.
Thin thickened nail polish
Thin thickened nail polish

Why does the varnish bubble?

When the pigment is applied to the nail plates, you can see tiny air bubbles on the skin. The presence of such defects spoils the general appearance of the manicure. What is the reason for this phenomenon?

It is worth noting that varnish can be excellent even from a well-known brand, so this is not a question of quality. The main reason is to shake the bottle vigorously in an upright position. On the one hand, shaking helps to make the consistency of the product more uniform. Still, during this operation, the air is created in the bottle, which leads to the formation of air bubbles on the surface of the nail plate. The second reason is moisture that gets into the bottle.

Many of the true breeds do not throw away polish when the expiration date indicated on the product has passed, but when the product has thickened or has completely consumed itself. Old varnish is another possible cause of bubbles. In this case, we must discard the product. Remember that before a manicure, you must fit the nail plates completely.

If you can’t find polish in a beauty shop, take two small jars with different pigments rather than one big bottle of polish, the consistency of which, if you rarely use this product, can quickly thicken.

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