Best animated movies for child

Growing up, we prefer horror or comedy movies to relax. But surely you, like us, are looking for the best animated movies that move you like when you were a child. Do you want to know a top 10 to have a great time?

Discover tapes that will transport you to fantastic, surreal and dark worlds. Some are worthy candidates for the best movies of all time. Others take you on surprising journeys and, if nothing else, brighten your day.

#1. The Mitchell family vs. the machines

Available: Netflix

Let’s start with one of the best recent animated movies. Released this 2021, The Mitchells vs. the Machines brings back the family adventure genre with a centennial approach that will make you laugh out loud.

What’s the story about? Katie, a queer and somewhat eccentric teenager, vacations with her family to get away from the world of mobile devices. However, the plan is foiled by a rebellion of the machines against the humans.

To survive, the Mitchells will have to join forces and ingenuity. In particular, Katie will have to put her impostor syndrome aside to come up with solutions and save the day. Will she make it? Some people enjoy real money online casino instead of watching movies.

#2.  Beyond the Moon

Available: Netflix

From China comes an endearing story in 3D. We are talking about Over the Moon, a film about the passion for making youthful dreams come true . This, regardless of the physical and intellectual challenges, let alone the objections of adults.

The story goes like this: Fei Fei, a born inventor with a passion for technology, clings to the legend of Chang’e, a goddess who lives on the Moon waiting for her dead lover. The fondness for this story was inherited from her mother, who recently died.

So, against all advice, Fei Fei designs and builds a spaceship to take her to the Moon. Her goal is not space travel, but to show her father, who is looking for a new wife, that eternal love is possible. What adventures lie ahead? You can make more adventure at

# 3. Coco

Available: Disney+

In our list, Pixar productions cannot be missing. This studio has created some of the best and most endearing animated movies of the last few decades . And Coco is the one that has moved us the most recently.

What is it about? It is the saga of the Riveras, a Mexican family headed by the matriarch Coco. Defying the family prohibition against music, Miguel, the youngest of the clan, pursues his dream of singing and enters a contest.

However, in a magical (typical Disney!) turn of events, Miguel plays an enchanted guitar that leads him to the Land of the Dead. There he meets his idol, the singer Ernesto de la Cruz, and discovers the reason why his great-great-grandfather, Coco’s father, abandoned the family to sing.

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