Microsoft Edge Is Enriched With Cloud Text Reading

It will be available in two different voice styles: Neural and Standard. Microsoft Edge continues to update its features. Browsers with a screen reader function can be useful but robotic voices aren’t always pleasant to hear. To make them more natural, Microsoft is experimenting with cloud-based voice voices. This new feature will begin arriving on Microsoft Edge’s Dev and Canary preview builds.

More natural voices for Microsoft Edge

The Read Out Loud feature in Microsoft Edge’s web browser has received a lot of feedback and is considered robotic and unnatural in most cases. By using cloud-based voices, Microsoft wants to offer more natural voices . It will be available in two different voice styles: Neural and Standard. The former will be powered by deep neural networks; the latter will be a better version of the voices already available with a better audio bit rate identifiable by the 24 Kbps tag. It is good tool to browse website like

To use the updated Read Aloud feature you need to download the latest Microsoft Edge preview build from the Dev or Canary channel. After installation, open any web page and select the text. Right-click on the highlighted text and then click Read Out Loud. The menu opens at the top where to select different items and also change the reading speed. Microsoft also said it is opening entries in JavaScript’s Speech Synthesis API to developers. This will allow developers to work on any web-based text-to-speech application. It is a safe browser to play real money online casino game.

All while Microsoft itself has thought of inviting users to stop using Internet Explorer. Edge reading mode is a special option that allows you to change the look of web pages with a single mouse click. By activating it, we exclude from the page everything that is not related to the text, improving the clarity of the written words and favoring readability and concentration. This mode is ideal for reading the pages of online newspapers, but can be useful for long lists or very dense pages of text that require attention.

Excluding all graphics helps you stay focused on reading. In addition to working with a single click, the mode offers some extra options, such as full screen view, the ability to decide the spacing of the text and tools for taking notes, highlighting the text and inserting notes on the page.

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